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Suffering From Arthritis Pain? Tips To Help You Find Relief


The chronic pain of arthritis can diminish the quality of life for those affected. Even simple tasks can be difficult as a result of severe joint pain. Whatever form of arthritis you suffer from, treatments are available. Here are some great tips to help you manage your arthritis and improve your quality of life.

TIP! Reconsider your use of high heeled shoes if you suffer from arthritis. While high heels are very pretty to look at, they do not do your feet any favors.

Many people perform low impact exercises such as swimming, cycling and walking to help soothe the discomfort they are feeling in their joints due to arthritis. If you do have any reservations about starting a physical fitness regime, speak with a medical professional.

Try to do some swimming if you have arthritis. These activities are great for stretching your muscles and joints as well as being soothing for your joints.

TIP! Despite some of adverse health consequence of alcohol, drinking doesn’t seem to make the effects of arthritis worse. In fact, some research suggests that a little alcohol can actually reduce the symptoms.

Write in a diary daily if you have RA. A diary is good for identifying what triggers arthritis flare-ups. It can also provide clues to what is helping. Talk to your doctor about what you want to do. A daily diary can help you feel like you are taking control of your condition, and become a very valuable tool in your successful treatment.

Take advantage of physical therapy. If arthritis is severely disrupting activities of daily living, a physical therapist can help you discover exercises that will increase your flexibility and prevent swelling. You will get the best results when you follow your action plan on a regular basis.

TIP! Relax in a chair, shut your eyes, and try some deep breathing. This may help you forget about your pain so that you can start thinking happily again.

Make sure you have equipment that aids you. Adapted equipment can help an arthritis sufferer perform everyday tasks. Many products exist to help someone that suffers from arthritis do simple tasks, such as special can openers and zipper pulls. Invest in the right tools and make life easier.

Developing a solid plan is integral for your arthritis. Arthritis can start bothering you almost anytime, so it is important to be prepared for when it happens. Take a break between your tasks, and make sure you can ask someone to help you in case you are hurting, and still need to perform daily tasks.

TIP! Always remember your joints. Don’t allow your arthritis symptoms stop you from doing your normal activities.

Never beat yourself up over having arthritis, and don’t let others get you down. Arthritis can keep you from performing certain activities. Feeling sorry for yourself helps no one, so you should try to always stay positive. Giving certain things up isn’t a reason to feel bad.

Get high quality sleep. By sleeping soundly and giving your body the rest it requires, an arthritis sufferer is more energized and rejuvenated to face a new day. Use these tips to get complete, deep rest: 1/ Turn off your cell phone and unplug your wall phone. 2/ Turn your alarm clock away from you or cover it to darken its face. 3/ Be sure the room you are sleeping in is completely dark. 4/ Follow a series of relaxation exercises before you drift off to sleep.

TIP! Chronic arthritis sufferers may be eligible for handicapped parking privileges. Do away with the pain of long treks across parking lots by taking a designated space at the front.

Immediate treatment is important. Consult with a doctor and follow their advice. Starting treatment early will help to minimize any future damage to your joints. The most beneficial way to start treatment is to get advice from a doctor early so you can start the treatment when a diagnosis is reached.

Be sure to eat a healthful amount of protein. Though you may be unaware of it, protein is consumed more heavily by those with arthritic conditions. Vegetarians especially need to find specific methods of ingesting protein as it is hard to find in veggies.

TIP! Over time, smoking cigarettes can compromise your flexibility; this bad habit may also increase the frequency and severity of arthritis flare-ups. Quitting smoking may be difficult, but it is much easier to put down a cigarette when you are aware of the negative effects that it has on your arthritis.

Don’t let yourself stress out too much. A lot of times, stress can be the trigger that sets off inflammation and swelling due to arthritis. Regardless of your situation, use stress-relief exercises to maintain a strong and healthy physical and mental outlook.

Let your friends and loved ones in on how you’re dealing with arthritis. They might be able to help you with certain tasks or simply provide you with the support you need. If they know you feel stiff or are in pain, they may make allowances for you.

TIP! Narcotic pain relievers should not be the first line of treatment for arthritis pain. These medications easily lead to dependence, and their relief is only temporary.

Dealing with arthritis can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. See if you can enlist the support of others. Either online or in real-life, support groups are great places to connect with others who are dealing with many of the same issues that you are. Share your best strategies and learn from the others.

Consider cognitive behavioral therapy. There are many benefits to this therapy that can turn various negative habits into positive ones and alter unhealthy thinking in general. Therapy can improve life for those with a life-long illness.

TIP! Apply a damp heating pad to a painful joint to get temporary relief. A heating pad that is able to give off moist heat is a perfect investment for anyone who is suffering from arthritis pain.

Losing excess weight can help to lessen the effects of arthritis. You can greatly alleviate arthritis by simply being careful to eat foods that reduce inflammation and promote good health. Less inflammation will result in healthier joints and less pain. This is particularly the case when rheumatoid arthritis is involved.

If you’re a chronic arthritis sufferer who experiences problems like those described in the beginning of this article, you know how debilitating your disorder is. We hope you’ve learned something from this article that you can apply to become a happier, healthier person who has an easier time living.