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Put Your Acid Reflux Misery To The Side By Reading This


Does your chest hurt? Do you notice this pain worsening while sleeping? Does it begin to happen once you’re done eating? Do you taste acid in your mouth? Or maybe your throat is hoarse a lot of the time? Affirmative answers to these questions point to acid reflux. Read on for great tips on how to get rid of it.

TIP! Reflux sometimes feels like a heart attack. For your health and safety, always have a doctor check out chest pains.

If you are a healthy weight, you are less likely to suffer from acid reflux. The weight of excess fat can press on your stomach, causing the esophageal sphincter to relax. When you lose weight and trim up, you’ll find your sphincter tightens and keeps acid where it belongs.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Losing weight can decrease your acid reflux symptoms. Obesity is a major cause of acid reflux.

Fatty food and acid reflux go hand in hand. Foods that are fatty tell the sphincter in the esophagus to relax, letting acid flow the incorrect way. Not only will it give you acid reflux, it will contribute to weight gain which makes the problem even worse. Therefore, by eating healthier foods, your body will be healthier.

Smokers, it is time to quit! Smoking can worsen or even cause acid reflux. It also slows digestion and increases acid production in the stomach while slowing down the production of saliva. It can weaken your esophageal sphincter as well. It is extremely important that you quit today.

TIP! Certain foods are known to trigger your acid reflux symptoms. You should try and avoid these foods as much as possible.

Some foods may trigger acid reflux. Things such as fried items, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and chocolate are common things known to cause reflux. Citrus fruits and other acidic produce are also possible causes. The triggers are different for everyone, and you need to sort out which ones are yours. Just avoid these completely to be extra safe.

Trigger Foods

Keep track of what foods cause your symptoms. Trigger foods vary from person to person. Once you have identified your trigger foods, you’re able to watch out for them.

After eating, try chewing on some cinnamon gum. Chewing gum helps to stimulate your saliva glands. And that saliva really neutralizes the acids in your stomach. Additionally, the constant swallowing during gum chewing will help to clear the esophagus of lingering acid. You can also try fruity flavored gum. Do not, however, chew gum with mint in it. Mint can actually cause acid reflux, so you may just be making things worse.

TIP! Do not eat foods that have a very high fat content. Don’t eat foods that are fried or from fast-food restaurants.

Do not wear tight clothing. This means beware of tight belts, waistbands and pantyhose. These kinds of garments put pressure on your digestive area that you don’t need or want. This can cause significant reflux concerns Wear clothes that do not squeeze your mid-section.

The ability of a food to produce acid is in no way related to is pH level. You may be surprised to learn that foods you thought were acidic, such as lemons, are extremely alkaline after they have been digested. If you have acid reflux, this makes it harder to know what is safe to eat. Know the pH balance of your food if you have acid reflux.

TIP! You really need to incorporate some moderate exercise into your life if you suffer from acid reflux. Low-impact exercises can help lessen the chances of acid reflux occurring.

Don’t self-diagnose. When you have symptoms which seem like acid reflux, go to the doctor immediately. There are other conditions, such as ulcers and heart disorders, that create symptoms that are similar to acid reflux. Your doctor can verify if you do have acid reflux.

Give yourself at least three hours after eating dinner before you hit the sack. Once you are in a resting state, your body is not able to digest food efficiently. You will wake up in the morning with heartburn if you eat a meal before bed.

TIP! Chewing cinnamon gum can help with your acid reflux. Chewing stimulates salivation which helps with digestion by neutralizing stomach acids.

Gluten is one food that can cause acid reflux problems. Therefore, if you have acid reflux, you should limit your gluten consumption. Gluten comes from wheat, barley, and rye, so avoid products with any of these ingredients. Millet and quinoa are two grains that have proven easy to digest.

An excellent method of reducing your acid reflux symptoms is consuming your meals as slowly as possible. After you have taken a few bites of food, put down your fork or spoon and rest so that your stomach can properly digest. Give yourself time to really enjoy your meal. Also avoid eating too much at any one meal and stop when you are full, not stuffed.

TIP! Stop eating at least three hours before you go to sleep. Your body has trouble digesting food when you are lying down.

No, it is not a heart attack. You do not have the flu, and your food is not really causing you to feel ill. Now you know these are symptoms of acid reflux and you know what to do to get rid of it. Try these different tips until you find something that works.