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Learn How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux


When you suffer from acid reflux, it can keep you from doing things that you love. The article below can help you avoid acid reflux. Apply it liberally, and you can resume your love of eating.

TIP! Stay at a normal weight to avoid suffering from acid reflux. Excess fat pushing on your stomach could cause the esophageal sphincter to relax.

Eat dinner a minimum of three hours before bedtime. When you are in an upright position, the food and stomach acid gets pulled down into your stomach. When you lay down, the acid can rise back up. That is why you should wait a few hours prior to sleeping.

Instead of drinking with your food, drink between meals. This can help you relieve the hungry feeling that you have. Also, acid is less likely to come up via the esophagus when you do not drink during meals.

TIP! It is common for pregnant women to experience the symptoms of acid reflux. A growing child puts pressure on the stomach, which can push the acids of the stomach into the windpipe.

You reduce your chances of experiencing GERD if you maintain a normal weight. When you’re carrying too much fat, the opening located in the lower part of the esophagus will relax. Your sphincter will work properly once you get in shape.

Stop smoking now. Smoking worsens acid reflux and may actually cause it. It slows digestion, boosts acid production in the stomach and limits saliva production. This can also have a negative effect on the esophagus. This is the reason you should quit today.

Acid Reflux

Stress frequently triggers acid reflux problems. Stress causes the production of excess acid in the stomach, which can lead to acid reflux. After every meal, do something relaxing. Meditate, do some yoga, go for a walk or read a book.

TIP! Elevate your head above the bed. This can be done by using bricks, blocks of wood or by getting those raisers that are built for lifting up a bed.

Do not exercise within an hour of eating your meal. This is because you can force digestive acids upwards as you exercise. Don’t engage in vigorous exercise for at least an hour after eating.

Reflux may be so painful that it may seem like a heart attack. Extreme pains in the chest should never be ignored. Having acid reflux does not stop you from suffering from a heart attack. If you are having chest pain, contact your doctor immediately. You do not want to suffer serious health problems because you misdiagnosed yourself.

TIP! You don’t want to wear restrictive clothing. Normal issues include pantyhouse, as well as tight waistbands or snug belts.

If reflux is occurring after strenuous exercise, you might be able to find some easy relief. Increase your intake of water. This will help you stay hydrated. In addition, it aids in food digestion. Acid production will decrease if you drink water while you are eating.

Some foods are much more likely to cause acid reflux than others. Limit your consumption of trigger foods to help prevent acid reflux. Avoid spicy foods, acidic foods and fatty foods.

TIP! Learn how to combat stress. Stress can increase the amount of acid you produce.

Try to eat slowly. Rather than clearing your plate, eat slowly until you are just about satiated. Make sure to savor the food and take as much time as you need. Eating too fast or past the point of feeling full can worsen your acid reflux. If you find this difficult, place your fork back on the table between bites.

Consume tiny meals frequently. If your eating pattern is to eat a couple of very large meals during the day, then you are complicating your reflux condition a lot. You can experience acid reflux when you overeat because the food can come back up in your esophagus. This helps the acid in your stomach get into your esophagus. Smaller meals will put less pressure on your stomach, causing you less discomfort.

TIP! Try to wait until between mealtimes to have drinks. Having too much liquid in your stomach causes pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter, making your acid reflux worse.

Try doing some simple exercises to alleviate your acid reflux. Moderate is the key word here. Vigorous routines can aggravate your digestive tract and cause reflux, but moderate or low-impact activities like walking can help your reflux greatly. Doing upright exercises can help gravity help you digest your food. Moderate exercise helps you lose weight too.

Slippery Elm

TIP! Exercise moderately to help get your acid reflux under control. Moderate is the key word here.

Pop a lozenge made with slippery elm. Made of slippery elm bark, these lozenges coat the digestive system with a protective substance. It helps to lessen the discomfort of a sore throat and reduces coughing when taken in the lozenge form. These can bought at most health food and natural remedy stores.

If you are an acid reflux sufferer, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol leads to additional acid production. If you must drink, limit intake to a single glass. Experiment to find a liquor or wine that does not aggravate your symptoms.

TIP! When you weigh too much, you must lose weight. When your body stores extra fat, particularly around your waist line, it makes acid reflux worse.

Tempting as it may be, a diagnosis of acid reflux is best left to an actual doctor. If you have acid reflux signs, like discomfort in the stomach or regurgitation, go to your doctor. Other, more serious, conditions share the same symptoms. Your doctor can verify if you do have acid reflux.

Don’t eat hot or spicy foods, especially after work. Mexican food and hot peppers are perfect examples. If you eat these foods, you may experience more severe acid reflux. You could also experience other symptoms as well, like dry skin.

TIP! Avoid trigger foods. There are some foods that are known to trigger acid reflux.

You should eat more than three hours before your dinner to reduce acid reflux. Digestion occurs as soon as you eat. This will cause your stomach to produce digestive acids. If you don’t eat for several hours prior to going to sleep, you can cut down on the amount of stomach acid you have when you finally do lay down.

Add exercise into your daily routine. Reducing your heartburn is only one of many benefits of regular exercise. Exercising can help keep your body working like it should and that includes your stomach and digestive system. If your stomach is upset after exercising has occurred, you may be overdoing it.

TIP! Stay away from fatty foods. Reduce or eliminate fast foods, fried foods and marbled red meats.

When you have acid reflux, try wearing loose clothing. Tight clothes can put pressure on your body and make acid reflux worse. So when things start going bad, be ready to get comfy very quickly! You can become proactive and wear loose clothes before larger meals if you feel you need to.

Eating a meal can be less than enjoyable if you know acid reflux is coming. Make use of these tips to stop heartburn or even acid reflux. A good meal is the best and you should enjoy it.