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Acid Reflux Questions? Let Us Answer Them For You


There is no question that acid reflux causes thousands of people to suffer every day. That said, knowing about the disease can help with controlling it. Read on for some great advice.

TIP! If your weight and BMI are considered normal, you are less vulnerable to GERD. Your esophagus sphincter relaxes when fat in your stomach presses downward.

Food consumption is a main trigger of acid reflux. Many folks eat rapidly, and consume abundant amounts. Eating too much food can cause your stomach to produce more acid. Avoid overeating. Slow down while you are eating to relieve your troubles. Take the time to enjoy your food and stop when you are full.

You reduce your chances of experiencing GERD if you maintain a normal weight. When you are overweight, the esophageal sphincter sometimes opens under the pressure of the excess weight. By reducing your weight you can reverse this process, which will greatly reduce your symptoms.

TIP! To sleep well at night and prevent acid reflux, you may want to place a wedge underneath the mattress in order to keep your head raised. Anything that angles the bed up will work, including some books or wooden blocks.

Stop smoking! Smoking worsens acid reflux and may actually cause it. It slows both digestion and saliva production, while encouraging the body to produce more stomach acid. This causes weakness of the esophageal sphincter. That’s one more reason it is a great idea to quit.

Make sure your clothes are loose around your waist. Belts, pantyhose or waistbands that are too tight can cause problems. Wearing this kind of clothing causes your stomach unnecessary pressure. Heartburn and reflux can frequently result. Consider comfortable clothes that do not put pressure on your stomach.

Acid Reflux Symptoms

Losing weight can decrease your acid reflux symptoms. One common reason for acid reflux is being overweight. Just losing ten percent of your weight can cause acid reflux symptoms to diminish noticeably. Weight loss should be done by eating smaller meals, not by crash dieting.

TIP! You can get acid reflux from a variety of foods. Fried foods, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and even chocolate are common triggers for acid reflux.

If you suffer from acid reflux, avoid laying down immediately after consuming a meal. Your digestion will be impeded. Remaining in a seated position allows you to bypass the unpleasant effects of acid reflux.

If you suffer from acid reflux, you might want to give slippery elm lozenges a try. The slippery elm bark is used to make these lozenges and it coats the digestive tract and puts a protective layer on it. Slippery elm bark can also help with your coughing. Health food stores are the most likely place to find slippery elm lozenges.

TIP! Sometimes, you will have extreme cases of acid reflux, even to the point where you think you are having a heart attack. However, you should never ignore chest pain.

Try not to drink too much alcohol if you suffer from acid reflux. Alcohol can cause acid reflux to worsen. Be sure to limit alcohol consumption to two or fewer drinks per day. Choose your drink with care to avoid acid reflux.

Avoid trigger foods. Here are some common acid reflux triggers: carbonated beverages, onions, garlic and other spices, citrus fruits, mint and mint flavoring, caffeine, alcohol, fried and fatty foods. Triggers vary from person to person, so continue to enjoy items that don’t cause you problems.

TIP! There is a way to stop exercise-induced acid reflux. You should drink plenty of water.

Are you aware that a food’s alkaline is not related to its relative pH level? While a lemon starts off acidic, for example, after digestion they become alkaline. The pH levels in foods can be quite confusing. Understand how pH changes in the body.

Try to relax. Eating when you are stressed out causes excessive heartburn and stomach acid. Truly relaxing after a meal using deep breathing exercises or meditation can help cut down on acid reflux. Avoid laying down after eating and wait at least three hours before going to bed.

Acid Reflux

You need to get exercising daily if you have acid reflux. Low-impact exercises, such as swimming and walking, are known to help relieve acid reflux. This keeps your body upright so that gravity can help prevent your food from moving up into the esophagus.

TIP! Maintain your ideal weight, or lose weight if needed. Overweight people are more likely to have acid reflux.

Avoid being in a reclined position for at least two hours after eating a meal if you wish to avoid an acid reflux attack. You should instead use gravity in your favor to fight against acid reflux. Based on your body and what you’ve eaten, you may need to wait longer before you can recline.

Avoid drinking beverages when you eat in order to decrease the acid reflux risk. When you drink and eat it can make your stomach fuller. This can cause pressure on your esophagus and send acid in your digestive track. Have a drink in between meals as opposed to while you are eating; this will help to reduce the risk.

TIP! If you have acid reflux, try to avoid possible trigger foods. Here are some common acid reflux triggers: carbonated beverages, onions, garlic and other spices, citrus fruits, mint and mint flavoring, caffeine, alcohol, fried and fatty foods.

Don’t drink as much when you eat. This can add to the amount of food inside your stomach and make it distend. A full stomach can put pressure upon the esophageal sphincter. Do not put too much stress on this muscle if you want to prevent acid reflux.

There are many medications that are available if you suffer from acid reflux. You can use something over-the-counter or get a prescription from the doctor. Talk to your doctor concerning different medications for acid reflux. Your doctor is the only person who knows which medications are best for you.

TIP! Stay away from those fatty foods. Reduce or eliminate fast foods, fried foods and marbled red meats.

Processed foods are higher in sugar and usually over produce gastric acid, so try avoiding these as much as you can. Choosing organic fruit or vegetables can help combat this. Probiotic supplements are effective in restoring balance to your bowels.

Often you get rid of food for a condition like this, but in this case, try adding honey into your eating plan. Even though studies haven’t proved that honey directly aids in acid reflux reduction, it can reduce other symptoms that potentially contribute to your acid reflux. That means you should give honey a try. Go with raw honey to maximize this effect.

TIP! Limit how much liquids your drink with your meals. The water you drink will be absorbed by the food already in your stomach.

Smoking is bad for the lungs and the stomach. It slows digestion and increases stomach acids. It can also limit saliva production. All these factors increase the probability of acid reflux. Smoking really can be damaging to your digestive system as well.

Those suffering from acid reflux are quick to describe the pain it causes. You can stop the suffering now by educating yourself regarding acid reflux causes and treatments. Use what you have just learned to get your life back on track.