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No Matter What Your Acid Reflux Question, We’ll Answer It


Do you feel the pain of acid reflux? Do you often feel a fire in your chest? Does eating lead to misery? Are you ready for your pain to be over? The answer lies within this article. Continue reading to learn ways to control acid reflux and put a stop to your misery now.

TIP! Stress can be a factor in your condition. Excessive stress often causes excessive stomach acid, which causes acid reflux.

If you aren’t overweight, your GERD may go away. When you’re carrying too much fat, the opening located in the lower part of the esophagus will relax. Losing weight prevents the sphincter from opening, thereby confining stomach acid to your stomach.

Spicy Foods

TIP! The herb, slippery elm, works to thicken the mucus lining of the stomach. This guards the stomach against acid buildup from within.

To reduce acid reflux symptoms, try avoiding spicy foods like peppers and hot sauce. Spicy foods can cause your stomach to produce more acid. Avoid these items and you will feel better right away.

If you smoke and suffer from acid reflux, you need to consider quitting. Acid reflux is made worse by nicotine because it stimulates stomach acid production. However, it is not wise to quit cold turkey; doing so could put stress on the body and worsen acid reflux. Quit slowly instead.

Remain upright during and following meals. Lying down can force acid back up into your esophagus. You will notice that the esophagus feels much better if you remain upright.

Learn how to combat stress. Stress is one of the catalysts of acid in your stomach, which is directly related to heartburn and inflammation. Identify the cause of your stress and get it under control ASAP.

Acid Reflux

Participate in gentle, upright exercise such as cycling or walking. Walking is ideal for improving acid reflux symptoms. First of all, you aid your stomach in digestion when you are upright. Second, it can help you lose weight, further improving your acid reflux. Exercising may help with your acid reflux; however, intense exercising can actually worsen your symptoms.

TIP! Raise up your bed to where your top half is higher up. You can use bricks, wood or even bed raisers to accomplish this.

If you’re suffering from reflux, watch out for trigger foods. Citrus, onions, tomatoes, mint, alcohol and carbonated drinks are some of the many culprits. Everyone has different triggers, so if some of these items don’t bother you, you can keep enjoying them.

Stay away from fatty foods. This includes read meat and fried foods. If you can cut them out altogether, reduce the quantities you eat. Get in the habit of checking all food labels to see the nutrition content and the amount of fat it contains.

TIP! Do you enjoy being active and participating in strenuous exercise, but you experience acid reflux very often? Fortunately, your problem may be easily fixed. Drink more water.

Try not to drink too much when eating a meal. Drinking too much during meals actually puts more stress on your stomach. This increased pressure in your stomach can cause acid reflux to occur. Take small sips instead of full gulps while eating.

Eating some of your favorite foods can be problematic if you have acid reflux. Therefore, if you are preparing foods with tomato sauces, you can reduce their acidity by adding some sugar. It will also add a sweet, light taste that is enjoyable, on top of it being less of a threat to your acid reflux issues.

TIP! Take your time during your meal to prevent acid reflux. You should eat slowly and stop when you are full.

To avoid acid reflux, you should eat slowly and take a break every couple bites to help your stomach digest properly. Enjoy every bite’s flavors. Overeating can inflame acid reflux, so have smaller meals and stop eating when you feel full.

First time acid reflux sufferers that are pregnant should carefully search for problem areas in their life. It could be a simple thing like drinking water late in the evening causing your pain. By learning what is causing your acid reflux, you can stop it in its tracks.

TIP! Weight loss could be beneficial. Too much weight around your midsection can affect your acid reflux.

Don’t eat too much before bed. Avoid eating three hours before bedtime. The extra acids that are caused by the food breaking down may cause heartburn if you lie down on a full tummy.

Smoothies are great for dealing with acid reflux. Toss these items into your blender: an apple, a pear, a banana, a stalk of celery, lemon juice and a few leaves of romaine lettuce and spinach. Drinking this smoothie for breakfast is a good way of reduce your constipation, which could be responsible for an esophageal sphincter that is too relaxed. The alkaline properties of the drink also soothes the stomach’s acid.

TIP! Engage in moderate exercise every day. Exercise in moderation to start, until your body becomes accustomed to your regimen.

Don’t eat for three hours or more before bedtime in order to treat your acid reflux. When eating, the digestive tract will be activated. The stomach acids produced during the digestion will not stay in your stomach if you lay down too soon after eating. Keep your acid reflux symptoms to a minimum by avoiding snacks at bedtime.

Carbonated and caffeinated drinks can cause acid reflux agony. Thinks like coffee can increase the amount of acid in your stomach. They can also break down your stomach lining causing irritation. Green teas and herbal teas can be very helpful.

TIP! If you are a pregnant, there is a chance that the weight of the baby is pushing against your stomach and causing your acid reflux to form. You must consult your obstetrician in regards to what acid reflux remedies are safe during pregnancy.

If your acid reflux problem is chronic, prescription medication may help. There are both prescription and OTC medications that can be helpful. Talk with your physician if you feel as though you require a prescription for acid reflux. Don’t use another person’s medication.

If you suffer from acid reflux, avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar because it will cause too much gastric acid to produce. Vegetables and fruits can negate this effect. You can produce good bacteria with a probiotic supplement, which balances your bowels.

TIP! People who are overweight may eliminate acid reflux by losing weight. Having extra weight, especially around your middle, is not good for acid reflux.

Don’t chew peppermint or spearmint gum after your meals to reduce acid reflux symptoms. Your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) can become more relax due to the mint flavoring and promote heartburn. Try fruit flavored chewing gum instead, or even cinnamon. Gum increases the production of saliva, which helps to clear your esophagus and relive your discomfort.

Do you now have the knowledge you need to find relief? Do you realize the things that worsen your acid reflux symptoms? Can you control it once and for all? Are you prepared for the necessary changes you must make? Get to it!